VBB2M advice

Need advice about a Vespa (150cc) VBB2M from 1965

I am the new owner of my first vespa and just got it from the mechanic, so the vespa i driveble but not perfect.

1) Its defficult to get in first gear (have to roll the vespa, back and forth to get it in 1st) The mecanic say he has tried to adjust the gear cable.

2) Its dripping gasoline in the carburettor when the tank is open, also when its standing still. (can "live" with this, as when i park and turn it to closed, it stops dripping)

3) Headlight only works "long" light, not short / driving 



4) I was thinking on maybe upgrading the engine, if not to costly, so problem 1 and 2 would be fixed. Any suggestions / advice on this ?

5) Then i was thinking on upgrading the headlight with kit or / and maybe convert it from DC to AC. Any suggestions / advice on this ?

6) Its very noisy exhaust (maybe org exhaust is still on) What exhaust should i change it with (want to keep the retro still)May have the exhaust incl. in the motor upgrade ?

I am new to fixing things on my vespa, but if its to hard, there is always mechanics.


Any answers on the 3 problems and 3 upgrades, would be very helpful for this noob [:P]

PS: i live in Denmark, so spareparts ect. is preferable from EU (import tax ect. from outside EU [:(] )

Have you tried to make a revison of the carburetor to fix the dripping Problem?

If the mechanic just tried to readjust the gear cables, so you should ask him for any other idea or:
Change the mechanic.
You should preferably DEFINITELY NOT look for any mechanic but for one who is experienced with VESPA.

Problems with the gear change could also be eliminiated by checking the gear selector box... maybe you Need to replace it or just do a revision.