Vbb 10" conversion parts

I’ve enjoyed 10 super fun years on my 8" wheels, countless miles (no speedo cable), and lots of runs, but it’s time for a complete rebuild and repair for some long distance riding…i’m starting with the front end and want to make sure that i’m looking at all the right parts. the following would go on a 64 VBB2T frame with a 150 LML motor, also to go back 10", and for a tubless setup:
fork conversion- part no. 13347100 looks like it’s ready ti fit. i’m not clear what fender mods are needed? iAre the other PK forks available not 20mm
disk brake- semi-hydraulic setup part no. 30017000. are there others to consider?
front shock- the conversion description says something about a shorter shock to realign the suspension arm angle, but gives no suggestions. I’m also keen to keep the front end as low as practical to not completely bastardize it, and adjustable fr front end touring loads. how does the SIP quality compare to Bitubo? there’s a lot of options here and presumably i’m looking for a PK125 (2) fit…such as part no. 70124100, 70011500, 74000FSB, or 74000FBB

I think i should have other odd bits if needed, but please throw in suggestions of what i might need, and opinions of the setup (other than keeping her on 8’s…that’ll another rebuild)