VAT outside of the EU


            I would really like to purchase some items from you guys but for some reason you don't remove VAT from online payments even though my address is in Australia which last time I checked was outside of the EU. You guys are aware that VAT isn't payable from outside of the EU right??

Hey Stuart,


Not sure where you saw VAT included in your prices. Maybe you haven't logged in yet or haven't chosen Australia as your default country? As soon as our webshop recognizes a delivery address outside the EU, VAT won't be included.


And yes, Australia is also outside the EU on German maps :-)





Ignore that previous post mate, it seems you do remove the vat after all. Apologies...

Hello again Martin,

                                 I realise it has been a while since this post was active but the matter is still relevant. You said that once I have logged in and set my default address as Australia (yes outside of the EU) that the relevant VAT would be removed?? I'm sorry but this isn't the case. I have my address set as Australia and I have tried to get a price for one of your Malossi Vertex pistons but as hard as I try the VAT is still included in the price?? Any idea of what can be done mate??