Variator MALOSSI instalation

just got my variator for mbk booster spirte it came with 3 spacers but in the book it dosnt show if to uses these or not! also noticed that the scooter pick up speed is not that good !just the top speed !also when giving gas the scooter shakes ALOT!! im lost with ideas of what can be the problem the scooter has an athena 70cc kit, delta clutch malossi clutch bell and malossi kevlar belt and arrow muffler the rollers i used are the ones that came in the set with the variator!!


any tips would be good!



drop the roller weight


hi hope i can help maybe , the 3 spacers which are included arnt usually needed , the 3 are well should be are... a speed restriction 1 that slides over the sleeve between the variator and outa pully isnt needed ,there should be a thin 1 that goes on the shaft before the variator goes on , there should be a large one this is for if you remove the starter gears hope that will help with that , as for the acceleration you will need to change the roller weights as the ones supplied with the varietor are usually to healy or light depending what they giv you , i received 7g with my mallosi varo they are WAY to heavy 4-5g rollers would be ok maybe it's a try and find out case with rollers as it is differant with every kind of big bores to get the correct power curve , as for the shakin i dont know what that is make sure everything is locked down and tightend correctly. a lighter roller set cought sort this, hope this will help you out cheers.