V9b1t... where should i go first?

 id like to tune up my 1983 smallframe V9B1T with budget max around $400..

and here come some question, where do i go first? from exhaust upward or vice versa?

i plan to buy these items:

Art.Nr. 42060000 for LeoVince exhaust

Art.Nr. 14000500 for Polini cylinder kit (what is the difference with Art.Nr 15030000 Malossi ??!)

Art.Nr.93110000 for clutch plates

and i still confused to decide which crankshaft to choose for around $100 budget.

the rest parts i plan will use the stock parts (19/19 delorto carbs, rotary valve and stock ignition system with points, etc)  (means its the first step of my upgrade..try to do it one at a time..[A])

what do you think guys..? mr. LaRocca?


cheers from indonesia...


still no answer yet...[:(]

anyway..my US$ 400 PayPal treasure is gone now..and waiting for my package from SIP in front of my door..!!


still need many help of you guys later to put the things together..[H]