V90 1964 cylinder


Do somebody know which is the best cylinder kit to replace the original?

I want to stick whit original gearing and carburetor.


If it's indeed a 1964 V90, you can't modify it at all. The only option for you is to get a new set of casings from a V50, Post-66 V90, or a Primavera..

Because the cylinder base diameter is too small, (or you grind off the casings to fit a larger cylinder kit. After 1966, you can fit any kit you want, it fit bolt on).

The other difference is the crankshaft, you have a sleeve rather than a bearing on the top end. So I guess the piston pin of a post 1966 piston won't fit either.

Hope that can help.



art no 19690100 is about the closest direct replacement listed on here, you may need to change manifolds as its for the PK smallframes and change your main jet ( up by 2 sizes I would guess).

for alot cheaper you could replace it with one on the tuning 102 kits there around 80-110 pounds you wouldnt need to change the gearing,exhaust or carb mayb just upjet the carb by a few sizes and an added benifit you would get a bit more punch out of the scooter??