V90/100 throttle tube and Main stand help!

Hi All

Hoping someone can help, I need a throttle tube for a Vespa V90/100, I have tried 2 from different sources but they are too long inside the headset, its about 30mm too long I have seen one on the sip site but again I am unsure whether it is the correct length, has anyone else come across this problem? Has anyone got one, including sip?

Also went to put the main stand on tonight and the gap between the brackets is too wide? I guess its the wrong stand, can anyone tell me the width of the gap between the brackets on a small frame.

Any help appreicated


Thanks for your reply LaRocca!

I have ordered the part number you quoted along with the cable roller and split pin, I hope this works now!! 

I sorted the stand problem, it was for a p range large frame scooter!, my local scooter spares shop came  good though and had a used smallframe one which fitted perfectly!

Thanks again and I look forward to recieving my goods from SIP soon,



Hi Andy


I guess you need the item 1380130 !

Diameter 24mm, Length Grip= 112mm, Lenght inside the Handlebar = 167mm, Total lenght= 280mm