V50R: valve innertube keeps it's head up on 9" rim

Working on the wheels of a 9"-tired '78 V50R with open rims (http://www.sip-scootershop.com/EN/Products/80160000/Rim+for+Vespa+V50RSpecial.aspx) I encounter a problem. As you can see, these rims have a u-shaped space where the 90-degrees valve of the innertube can pass. When air is floated into the tube, the valve will lift up a little. At that moment, the valve will hit the traverse when turning the wheel around. Looking at my original rims, there is no u-shaped space but a closed hole. So at that moment the valve is fixed and will never hit the traverse. Because the model with the closed hole is not available (at least I didn't find them), and my original rims are not useful anymore, I don't know how to deal with this. Bending the valve to more than 90-degrees is not an option. It will break anyhow. Besides, it's exactly the 90-degrees turn in the valve where it hits the traverse. Please help!



Hi Techtyp,

Thanks for your answer. I've looked at the picture. The valve is about in this position. About..., because it is lifting a little when air is floated. It's only a few milimeters, but enough to scratch the traverse at each passing. I have tried putting a washer on the valve at the inner side of the rim. It's working but I'm not sure if this is safe enough when the wheel is turning at full speed... I don't want to take the risk of a blocking tyre when the washer will loosen or making a flat tyre ;-).

Any other suggestions? Thanks!




do you have the tube in the right position?


Please check the second picture here:



The valve should be in the same position.