V50 exhaust?

I have a Vespa 50 with a 75cc polini kit on it. I’m about to order the polini exhaust system, and i don’t know what to buy; left or right hand side…Does anyone have views on this? Thanks

still need new views on what i should buy if anyone can help? I actually think the left hand looks okay, and won’t the right hand version come out from underneath and extend my scoot with a few cm? Thanks

BRUMMUM: Will it be possible to have hub-caps if you have the left side mounted exhaust?
Thanks mate [:D]

i hade the leftside, it was great (polini 75/R). think preformance is the same, but with the right hand you dosen’t have to remove the exhaust to remove the wheel, thats a pluss, and also the left had is butt-ugly