V50 electic problem

Hello. I have a v50s and since some weeks, the front light (not burned 25W bulb) stopped working.

Rest of lights followed the problem after some days (they do light but extremely little).

After that, the spark plug followed by having some periods of not burning the fuel (some explosions of unburned fuel on hot exhaust).

Although, the brake light works fine.

Anyone familiar with the symptoms? What could my problem be?

Thank you

Hi ..

i recommend you to check like this

1. The Sparkplug

2. The Sparkplug Cap

3. The Spark Wire

4. The ignition Plate Ignition Coil

5. The contact breaker


hope this was helpfull

Ignition coil was the problem.

However lights still not work. I might have to check the light switches.

Thanks anyway!

bkr1943 my model is 1978 so has no battery.

i would agree checking all ignition cables and electrical stuff and i will do that, but i cannot understand why all lights but stop light do not work well. if there was a short, shouldn't stop light have problem too?

i should add that problem exists with lights turned off, so as larocca wrote, the problem is at ignition stuff.

i think i will have to replace the coil and/or the condensor.

Thank you for your help guys!

You´re welcome DUDE

so whats the staus quo ?

do you resolved ?

It is clear that one problem has nothing to do with the other. It is obvious that the sparkplug has no connection with the lights because both are fed from the battery or independent ignition. If your lights are dim, it could be that your battery isn't charged or is a dud (old). Burned out lights are normal and are occasionly caused by  charging flashes, that is, your system charges really hard, the lights burn real bright and burn out. You need to check your entire wiring system for shorts, rubbing against the body, moisture, fuses corroded, battery poles corroded, missing liquid and and. In other words you need to do some maintenance.