V50 (1965) shockabsorber

How do I put a new shockabsorber front, vespa 50N, 1965, the stuff on top is fixed… I tried … but the whole absorber is turning around when screwing counterclockwise… Thanks.

Ok, can I be able to do the work with the fork in place ?

To express myself more clearly: how do I stop the shock turning around ? I see no point to fix it (for example wrapping a piece of cloth around it and grip it with a mole grips or similar), because all parts are turning around…

With the NEW absorber, you can grip on top and fix it, while turning the screw on/off… on the OLD one it seems to me a difficult work…


You’ll be using something like this.

There should be a nut to tighten it down and a nut moulded onto the top of the shock body.

Ok, succeed ! Thanks for your help !

I can only assume that the fixing is siezed in place,try loosening it off with WD40,Plus Gas or a graphite penetrating oil if you can find one.

I’m not sure if there’s any info for you in here as I haven’t looked but it could be worth a look.