Use same gudgeon pin for new polini piston

Hey folks,
I have just bought a new polini 208 piston to use in conjunction with an old autisa kit i have got, however the piston doesn’t come with a new gudgeon pin, do you think i could get away with using the one that is already on the standard piston? I know it is probably a tiny bit shorter but would it make any difference?

okay… you’ve gone again

pretty big difference in price though. I mean from 49 euros to 175 euros is a bit hefty. Worb5 charge a little bit more for their bits, but at least they will put the value down on their stuff for customs, and they will send it any way you tell them to. Not to mention the fact that they actually answer their emails within a day or two. I think sip need to get their act together, cos from the general opinion i get from most message boards they have let themselves slip.

„I thought that they had agreed to use the cheaper postage for packages to oz???“

yeah i thought that too

not overly bothered though as sip is the only place where i could get everything i wanted in 1 order…

(i have previously tried to get things one at a time from america, uk, vietnam etc etc but its too much screwing around and the separate postages add up quickly)

hey ultraphine

totally off topic but i noticed you were online

re: sip order to australia

my order was 5.6kg and included cylinderkit, crank and some other bits

postage was - eu175,00 Internat’l Zone 5 (AUSTRALIA) 12kg
sent via - DHL Express Business Parcel

i’m fairly sure i didnt pay any german VAT

cant comment on timeframe or any customs shit at this end as my order has been delayed by an out of stock crank


i found the currency conversion in the sip shop to be inaccurate so shop in euro and use an external currency converter or you may get a surprise

I am here mate.

Might have been better to use the dhl packet. It costs 37 euros for a 5kg order to be sent to australia, then another 12.90 for a separate order of under 2kg, y7ou would then have only had to pay 49.90 for the lot.

here is the related websites with the prices

they can buy insurance for the 5kg parcel, but there is no insurance possible for the 2kg one. I thought that they had agreed to use the cheaper postage for packages to oz???