Upgrade P200e but for TROURING not RACING


I have a Standard 1979 P200e with a road 2.0 Exhaust. 

I am looking to upgrade it with a Cylinder and Piston kit, with a racing Crank. But I am looking for something that is suited for TOURING. Currently I am only getting about 105kph witch is ok, but I would love to do about 130kph max and then cruising around 100kph.

Also when you buy something on the website it seems there is always something you forget to buy, a tool or a part that comes with the items.

Can anyone suggest what I need to buy for this upgrade and what PARTS and SUB Parts I need. For instance if I add a racing crank, do I need to buy a new oil seal? 

Thanks for your time and help




213 Pinasco cylinder, the old one !