Upgear kit for a PX200

There is two different upgear kit for PX200 but it’s written Cosa and T5 is this ok for a normal PX200 scoot?


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if this is the question concerning the Polini 207 with Leo Vinci exhaust for me there is no need at all to change gear. Leave it standard PX 200.
Leo Vinci will make the Polini search for power at higher rev and will be not too much a lower so if you upgear would be not a good thing. The more speed will be made out from the power band shifted to higher rev.

As far as i remember Cosa and T5 use the same mainshaft (output shaft) and gears then PX200 just the 4 has one more teeth and then is shorter then PX200 standard.
The Christmas three (input shaft) though in the T5 has a primary of 21 teeth while the PX200 uses a primary with 23.
If I am wrong somebody please correct me. But I am preatty sure.