Ultraphine's shopping saga!

Well. it’s not really a saga just an interesting insight in to Thai motorcycle shops.

U’phine, different shops= different prices. Choose a,b,c, or d.

a) Honda quoted 1900 Baht for a new brake caliper . The guy spoke English, but was telling his co worker " 1000 ,more" in Thai.
" You come back and buy here" he said.
" Yeah right mate ! After I’ve removed that buffalo from your mother’s arse" I thought.

b) Small shop , nice chap, " about 600Baht" but " not have".
Why is it that when you get a cheap quote they are always out of stock?

c) Slightly bigger shop, tricky bastard. " Second hand 800 Baht,
New 2000Baht" ’
" Hey mate, there’s a queue for that buffalo!"

d) Same sized shop , but cleaner " 900 Baht,new and in stock"

Option ‚d‘ sounds good.

Regarding Mudguard . My Vespa man says Rally and Sprint mudguards are NOT the same. If you could post a picture or a link
and I’ll print it off and show him. The mudguards come from India or Taiwan both are available and priced at around 700-800Baht(?)

Exchange rates approx.
1US$= 40 Thai Baht
1 Euro = 50 TBT
1 Quid = 66 TBT
1 Aus $ = 31 TBT

Let us know if you are still interested. and we’ll talk abot postage and payment another time.



P.S. If anybody is interested in any parts or buffalos let us know.



No problem at all. It’s fun just to have alook around in bike shops anyway.

Mudguards, let us know. Other stuff, carbs, Simonini / Polini type exhausts , levers, seats Quick action throttles, grips, pretty nuts and bolts, . I’ve seen a few scoots with beautiful Gas shocks( rear only), these are generally after market parts for the small Hondas etc. so the bottom fitting is different to a Vespa shock although a bracket is used for this modification. Tubeless rims for Vespas , but alas no more, which is a real shame. I think they came from Taiwan , I told the guy I wanted a 100 , but he wasn’t interested??? All sorts of tyres from IRC fat ones to Duro sports ( watch this space ). lenses, etc etc After writing this I’m thinking I should really open up a shop/site .

Regarding LML Sensation, you could have of told me it was a furking PK!!! Sorry but I’ve never seen one here .Thank God. But for your front disc conversion there are quite afew PX’s with full Thai made conversions using Honda parts. My regular shop isn’t too keen to give me too many details but he says that he knows a man, who knows a man who …, … I’m looking for that man myself.
Any way

Take it easy


Cheers for that grimesy.

The forks I wanna use are bajaj ones so I am assuming they are the rally shaped mudguards that come with them, however I do prefer the sprint shape more ( I like the way it narrows down slightly towards the front) So Ill have to ask around over here whether I will have drama fitting a sprint type muddy to these forks. As for the caliper it turns out that doing the mod job on these forks is a shitload harder than I thought. So it looks like im gonna be getting some pk forks from india and doing the grimeca swap job on em (shit mate sorry for the running around) And yes I have overheard thais upping prices many times for the farang lol. I love hittin them with the Khaw thoht, thao rai khaap? Phaeng nit noy chai mai? That usually ends up with them either getting shitty or having a giggle and spending the rest of the day trying to get you drunk.

The mudguards sound sweet mate, what other stuff do they have floating around there? I never really looked into buying bits when i was there.

As for the dollars thing, I might open a bank account in my name, send you the atm card and then you can just withdraw the money there. Im not sure what the postage situation is like from thailand to here but I imagine it cant be that bad.

Cheers mate

Also, did they ever have the lml sensation in thailand in any great numbers? Cos id be keen on finding out about forks and clutches from them (xl2 clutches apparently)

Shit mate,
Let me know if you do catch up with the front disc guy. Im also intersted in the rear shocks too.

Yeah it would be a good idea to get a site happening. If you are interested, but people arent too keen to deal with stuff from thailand as such(banking etc) I’d be happy to help you ot with using aussie banking (then you can just use that atm in thailand to grab the cash) I used to see some pretty nice lookin custom vespas in bkk ages ago. Pity bout those tubeless rims, there is a guy representing sterling parts here in oz selling them, but he just charges the equivalent of what scootrs does, so no real savings there. Do us a favor, and see if you can get an idea of postage stuff here to oz, that way I can figure out what Ill do about the muddy etc, plus it might be worth it to get some fat tyres too.

Cheers Mate