UK rip off prices

Ihave just priced up these following items for my px200

expansion chamber
malossi 210 kit
cylinder head to suit
30mm dellorto carb kit
Racing crank

Taffspeed £639.39 [:’(]
PM Tuning £669.95 [[:O]]

SIP £476.15+postage [:dance1:]


I agree, I just wish SIP had a uk store. Also it would be great if when you e-mail a order through, if they replied and confirmed the order had been received.

I have dealt with Taffspeed in the past and have found their service and advice good also, although that was in 1987 i’m sure it hasn’t changed.

My point is „especially“ in the example of expansion chambers
why pay £60-£70 more for a plain steel pipe that gives poor performance and will probably fall to peices in 12 months time when you can get one with good performance in polished stainless.

I have just sold my Lambretta GP 150 because i was sick of paying ridiculous prices for „CRAP“ quality parts from dealers who dont care when your part arrives but invariably debit your credit card before despatch.

Im afraid i would rather buy quality parts cheaper and wait a few weeks than have junk the next day.

Just a follow up to previous mail, having ordered a cosa clutch for my T5 last Thursday(16/05/02) i received it this morning via UPS a mere week later to the day.Although i havent tried to fit it yet i feel it only right to point the fact that even with overseas shipping costs, the clutch still came in cheaper than any of the british suppliers i tried had quoted and was on the shelf while some were not.I’m a true patriot but you can’t argue with fact. Sorry if anyone disagrees but i’ll continue to shop about and pick the best deal available no matter where it comes from.
PS SIP are not the only foreign supplier i have used but still no complaints about anyone over the water.:shoot1:[:dance3:]

richie i hope not mate.ive just had a hole in my 177 polini barrel which is only run in600 ks.ive emailed sip and they want me to send a photo of this which i think is a defect.hope they think the same.

i got photo taken yesterday and my mate is goin to email it to me today some there any way i can get it to you to see what you also think?there is actually another slight porous bit under neath the main one,it defo looks like fault,no hot spots any where near it and piston is clean as a whistle on the the same spot if you no what i mean

Just as a point of interest (or not)i was not referring to either of the afore mentioned specialists but a parts supplier who i would not consider using again as they have let me down three times in the past year.Taffspeed have been more than helpfull over the phone with some very usefull tuning tips and general queeries but i have never had the need to contact PM at all so cannot comment on either service or prices.:shoot1: [:dance3:]

I also tend to mix and match, Sip for the more expensive stuff and uk dealers for the small things that p+p make to expensive to mail order.

Couldn’t agree more, i ordered a sito plus from a british supplier for next day delivery and was promised this on the wednesday before Yarmouth, i finally phoned back on the friday to be told that they would not have the item back in their own stock til the tuesday so i had to drive a 100 mile round trip to get one for the weekend. With better planning i will and have done twice use SIP for a lot of the parts that i need for certain ongoing projects.Well done you guys.If only us brits were as well organised and customer conscious you might have a bit more competition. :shoot1:[:dance3:]

I think the way it works on such items as cylinders and pistons is that you have to closely examine them at the time of purchase for visual defects. It is very difficult to prove after any period of use that the defect was caused by manufactoring unless it is blatently obvious.

Post the picture here so we all can see it.

Vespa… its not just a scooter, its a way of life!

Hi all,
What you have to bear in mind is who do you ring when it goes tits up for your scoots,invariably a British dealer yes? I doubt there is many of you who ring SIP for a bit of advice?!?! I agree, and I have bought goods from Sip,quite a few bits, yeah and the savings are great but I have recently realised that we need to keep our scootershops here,get a good one and you will never regret it.
Support your local dealer!!!
(scooter dealer that is!!)

Just quick word on spares i have had no end of trouble getting
stuff for my t5 i was told by one well known dealer 3/4 weeks wait and 1/2 weeks by another now i am not talking tuning parts either all i wanted should have been available from the shelf(clucth bearings,seals etc) in the end i went through a company called folkes they deal mostly in motercycles but came up trumps on this one i was put on to them by a motercycle shop here in Yarmouth. the head guy there used to be a vespa mehcanic for R.O CLARKS of Norwich top gezzer ,lastly i have found also that velocity scooters of Bouremouth are excelent value and turn around is fast (01202 515125). cheers frenchy
p.s if you send me Mars Bars i will name and shame them.

[?[] Not so rip off when things go wrong and you can seen them back, i like getting things for sip but you get no warranties on performance parts, look at the disclaimer[:shock2:]

here here!!!
i have ordered quite alot of gear for my t5 from the on-line shop
absolutley no usually takes around a week for the gear to arrive.
the prices that piaggo dealers charge in the uk is a blatant piss take-for example
1)21 cog cosa clutch- uk£164 +vat
2)input shaft-uk£128+vat
3)sip performance pipe-same as scorpion-£220+vat
sip£197 including 3 main jets and all vat
and postage charges!!!
makes you want to pull your hair out

i do use local dealers for cables etc but for all the expensve bits-sip is the best way of getting your scoot the way you want it at the best price
keep up the good work!!

ta for now [:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:] [:smokin:] [:smokin:] [:smokin:]