Hello guys,

I’ve got to buy two tyres for my tuned PX, what is the best choice?

they are still ok at this speed every now and then but if you catch this kind of speed for longer then everynow and then I prefer the Dunlop D306.

hello Mikkke,

I like for everyday use Heidenau K47 good also if wet.
I slightly prefer them in comparison to the K58 of the same maker that are good tires too, you could prefer the K58.

Be aware this is my prefernce for everyday everyweather use.
Not tire for high speed though.

SCHWALBE Raceman are the best i’ve had, hard and soft compounds as well, so a soft 1 for the front and a hard 1 for the back. i think they are about 20 quid. ok 4 120km/h +



Do you think it would be ok if I run at +/-120km/h?

And I don’t really run when there’s rain.