tyer size


ive just recieved my tyers. 3 x 350x10 . 1 x 100/90/10 . All k58s the 100/90/10 is not the same size as the 350x10 in your catalouge performance & style classics. It says page 16 that thiese sizes corespond could you tell me wich tyer size i should order it needs to be tubles .


if you have a PX.

you can use the 100/90-10 on the rear if you like. But a little washer is needed between hub and wheel.


The 3.50 fits as a standard on PXs.


On V50 or PV you have to use the 3.00-10 only


Look for the tubless info when you order.....








What's your scooter? If you have a 50 special for exemple, the tyre is a 3.00-10" tubless or tubtype!