Two questions.

Hello !

  1. I have a fully restored and tuned P150X engine.
    It has done until now approx 200miles.
    When i changed the contact breaker today (on the stator plate)
    it was som thick oil comming from the crankshaft seal.
    Not much but enough so i could see it with the stator plate
    in place. Is it normal or do i have problem ??

  2. Iam running the standard setting on the sparkplug and
    contact breaker, is this relevant on an tuned engine ??
    Spark=NGK B8HS (0,6mm)

I must say that i have much joy with this scooter,
Its much bang for the bucks. [:D]

\Patrik L

Yeah,your seal has gone.

What’s your set up, as if standard,it’s no use for a kitted bike.

To be honest it would be far better to up-grade to an electronic ignition too.

Maila mig din adress så skickar jag en ny packbox…[;)]

Hi !

Now i have changed the sealing, but the old one didnt have any obvius damage. Anyhow, the new sealing that i got from patrikgrann (Thanx [:D] ) was tighter on the crank, so i think that this might have been the cause for leaking.



I see your config on your scoot, pretty much fully tuned…can you tell me your top speed on the flat?



It´s hard to say how long a seal is going to last, you never know…


Hi !

I really dont know because my speedo is not reliable.
It would problaby be a bit faster than stock, but you can
not use that speed for a longer time because of the hi rev.


Hi !

I have a full ported engine, racecrank,28mm Dellorto,177cc Polini,Polini exhaust.
A change to electronic ignition is in my winter budget [:bounce:]
It must have been me who f***ed upp the mounting of the
seal i think (i hope).
The seal itself must have a longer life than this [?[]