Two little questions

Hello everybody,

Two little questions :

I want to know what do you think about „Nology“ ignition wire, is it a real improvment?

I have mounted my reinforced clutch with Malossi reinforced springs and I think I almost need one year of body-building to be able to press the clutch lever while riding. Is there a way to soften a little all this?


If you have some money left buy a cosa clutch just as Curare says. It is worth every penny.
I just love mine[:bounce:]

Did you change all of the springs?
I have changed 50% of them and kept 50% of them standard springs. It works perfect;D

I mounted the pre Cosa clutch because it as a little cheaper because I had a lot of parts to buy, I will try to use a mix of springs and see what happen!!
See ya!!!


hello Mikkke,

I am preatty sure I have told you in my previous answers to your clutch problems the differences between the Cosa clutch and the pre-cosa clutch.
The cosa clutch has more but smaller springs that even in the renforced version are mutch softer then the malossi one (that are the hardest) for the pre-cosa clutch.
Try some softer spring as the DR one, or try patrikgrann’s suggestion, but your clutch lever will always be harder to use then if you had mounted a cosa clutch.

I have mounted some Nology cable, you can see a picture in my address below, and for sure they look the money. In term of improvement I would say are slight. You will fell your engine smooter, more fluid.