Tunning for pk 50 xl

Ive just bought a pk with the eninge in parts. Im gonne rebuild and tune it as much as possible. I wonder if anybody know what set up is the best for evryday use and fast riding. I mean cyluinder kit, cranck¨, carboretturvand the whole works…

providing the motor is „sound“ i.e built well with good bearings etc it sounds a good buy.ask where its from and why its for sale.the bits to fully build your own will set you back around £300 without any labour so beware.sometimes they come up for sale because people cant set them up right and get a bit miffed with it ,others run them into the ground and so sell them on for some other sucker to sort out .if its a goodun go for it,if its a minger do your own.without seeing it its a gamble but if its got the bits you’ll need anyway its a good way to learn.best of luck beastiebob may the force be with you.if you do and need advice you know where to find us

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the standard carb is probably why the piston went.if any shrapnel has gone around in the crank housing chances are its scored the „felt pad“.this is the raised part in the casing that seals with the fuel mix against the crank .if its scored the only way round it is a reed block manifold

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

the bigger the carb the more cool fresh air your getting in the motor to cool it and any tuned motor needs to be kept cool.from past experience and big bore kit 90/110/135 ive used or fitted has always been accompanied by a dellorto 24mm rubber mount carb.never any hassle to setup,runs cool,can be jetted much smaller or much much larger depending on what its for.a successful combination,but hey,what do i know,im not a scooter shop

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Thanks now i need some more advises.

Ive startet to look at the enigine, and ave found at that the crank does not look that bad. What happend is that the last owner had a polini cylinder kit on it and it broke. or more presis the piston skirt broke and the parts went down in the engine. leaving scratches in the engine where the crank goes. dont know the right word but you probebly know where i mean. Is this a condtion that makes mye engine useless? or can i start bulding around it?

I dint know the size of the kit but ill mesure it later. Since im low on the cash im looking to make this as cheep as i can in the first time. get it running before summer. Can i bore the cylinder kit and get a new piston. And whar do i need to make sure of so it wont breake again, must be a reason it happend the first time…

Thanks for all the help i can get, and dont mind my spelling…

If you need to get something explained better just ask and ill have a look at the scooter.

any expansion chamber or reconfigured exhaust will give better performance to non standard engines.some work better at the bottom some at the top.most cheap systems will give medium improvement all round.its a while since ive played with small frames so the new pipes are all pretty alien to me,but my favourite of my day was the polini so i can only reccommend that one.hopefully this reply will be bombarded by posts saying"theyre crap try this one…etc,etc"which should aim you toward what youre after

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To bad im located in norway. But ive just found a company in norway that will sell me a whole 100 engine with a 133 set on for around 300 punds. Do you think that might be a better deal than rebulding the whole engine?

Or do you know a good place to buy the crank, carb and primary drive used.?

Thanks for all the help so far

Have you used this set up yourself? Is there anything else i need to change, like the clutch or other stuff? I just want to be sure that when i start buying i get all the the right stuff the first time. So I dont need to take it all appart again.

What about the breaks, are the origanals good enough or do i need to change them?

I would be happy for all the help and hints iI cab get, sincr this is my first Vespa

polini 110 kit pk125 crank/24mm phb carb,polini exhaust,v90 primary drive all cheap as chip,piss easy to build 65mph plus,cheap to run,reliable as feck,hows that???

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Well they arent either. they sell mostly stuff to more modern bikes, so i wouldent call them vespa experts as far i i know.

Whar abot the LeoVinci Secsys exhoust, do you know anythink about that. It looks good and cost little, just like i like it. But are they any good?

this is a setup ive used except for the vespa 90 primary drive.with all the other things i mentioned it pulled a 50 special with me on it to 65mph and im 15 stone of ugly fat,it also left px125’s standing.the v90 primary gear is a small gear and the main clutch body gear.what this will do is make the gears longer so it wont rev so hard and pull longer through the gears instead of short revvy gears.none of the above will neccessarily mean you have to split the casings as the port matching for the barrel and carb can be done without HOWEVER,i would recommend on any engine you are not personnally aquainted with for a long time that you change all bearings gaskets and seals as a matter of precaution.biggest pisser of all is to build a good fast engine,run it in, and then an old bearing or seal goes and you have to start all over again.this really is a novice build with good results,but if youre in southwest england i’d be happy to help

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Hi Beastiebob,
bevore you order the primery drive check which clutch you have. Because the XL and the XL2 have two different clutches. Xl with 1 spring and XL2 5 springs (i guess). The problem is now, that only a primery drive for the XL is available, not for the XL2.
If you have a XL2 you only can change the cog wheel from Pinasco. It has 1 cog more. It´s a little bit better, but not the best. You´ll have allways high revs on a XL2.

well the piston had a d=55mm so i guess it is a 105ccm kit. Its i standard 16 carb.

Hello again.

Now im back to buying the whole engine with the 133 set. the spring is here, and want to get this done fast…

The store who sells the engine recomends a 19mm carb to that set. Is that right? i would have tought you need a bigger one 21 or 24.
i hope you see this vespa doctore cause i can see your online now…