Tuningkit MALOSSI LEADER Enging 125-200ccm

Hi Sip team!

I am interested in this article: http://www.sip-scootershop.com/EN/Products/M3113914/Tuningkit+MALOSSI+LEADER+Enging+125200ccm+4stroke+LC.aspx

I have got a questions. This kit include all cylinder-head parts? With in valves "malossi", gaskets and other parts? All I need to do is - remove old original piaggio leader cylinder-head and mount this new kit with the subsequent adjustment valves? Or something else is necessary to buy?

Hmm... Sip administrators, how long time I have to wait for your answers on my questions?? I want to buy that kit but Your slowness doesn't let me to do it. I am sad. [8o|]

You have done an error in the description for this kit. This kit is not 269сс, it has 209сс (capacity). Information is from an official site malossi.com from specifications under this kit (3113914). Correct description please.

This kit is not cheap and I have to know before making an order that this kit is perfect suitable for my leader 200cc engine. And one more question - carburetor must be recustomized properly for 270cc, at least main jet must be changed at more jet size. Or carburator must be changed completely? If no, what main jet size I have to mount in carburetor for 270cc? Thanks.

PS. I have got already a direct-flow exhaust and malossi multivar.