does anybody Know of someone in the uk that will do a jap conversion barrel for a p2 and then port the castings to match, would, normally do it myself but want the ultimate engine and thats where a hell of a lot of experiance comes in. tried taffspeed and the dont seem to want to know, all i’m getting of them is put a standard 210 on and a sito plus, not really what im after.

worb5 would do somthing, I know they’re in germany but it might be worth it, their old website had loads of pics of crazy shit; water cooled 210’s with massive reed valves and carbs, polini rs125 kits on small frame casing’s putting out 30+hp mental!! their lambretta sprinter has a 350cc simonini microlight barrel on it, that has to be the ultimate conversion, it puts out about 43hp or somthing…!!! drop them an email and see they seem to have had plenty of experience of what your looking for.


mb developments are the best at this conversion but i think they have a long waiting list

Cheers Ill look at worb5 but mb dont want to do vespas any more