having had a standard px200 for 3 years and getting blown away by the twist and go 125 boys im getting a new px soon can anybody recomend any tuning bits

I have thought about a molossi kit with an SIP performance exhaust. But are these straight bolt on parts, as I have just read that the head needs modifying and ports need matching. Also what size jets would match these?

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Hi Crow.

If you want your PX to have a little more punch, you could add severals tuning bits, from common to racing.

The first thing you have to change is your exhaust. The standard box is a good one because it had been studied to suit the engine, to give torque and reliability. A tuning exhaust (depends on model) will generaly give you less torque at low revs but an increase in terminal speed and acceleration generaly at some RPM range(higher reving).

Now you could chose from different companies.

Italian ones - Polini, Leovinci, Sito with Sitoplus and Simonini (dont know about Zirris). I know that Polini goes well with their kits and the others are equal in term of performance (My preference is SitoPlus they are cheaper than the others and do a great job even if they don`t last forever and are quite loud).

English ones - PM Tuning - Taffspeed are most famous ones. Both are well made. They are better than the italians but more expensive. They work well with standard engine but they are more designed to suit Kit and larger carb.

German ones - SIP Performer - JL pipe - RZ exhaust are the 3 makes i know. They are both great exhausts and look good (The SIP Stainless steel is gorgeous and the RZ Right Hand is really impressive). To my opinion, they are the ultimate tuning exhausts, and even better if you match your engine (Kit + Carb + …)

I hope this will help but it depends on your purse.

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in my experience, a kit just bolted on runs just as good as if you have ported the casings. so if you are buying a new PX, a quick and simple mod would be just to bolt on a malossi or polini kit, change the timing, rejet the carb, fit a chamber and ride the fucker!!!