Tuning vespa p210 malossi



i'm tuning my vespa p200

last year i've installed te tuning kit sport malossi and a race crank mazzucchelli (art.45015000)

and transfer ports are also adjusted

now i want to go further and install an air intake ,a reed valve , carb  and exhaust.

what are the best options ???

hi, sorry for delay.


anyway, the new Polini 210 alluminium (not cast iron!!) it's probably the best px200 gt. lot of torque and rpm. the cast iron model it's not a good choise lot of problem with that.

for a first step, gt+ crank+ 28carb it's ok. you also need to change the gear ratio, maybe a polini/malossi 23/64 it's the best choise.

check here:



malossi kit isn't the best choise for me.

vespa motor are made for torque not for rpm.

a new polini kit  (allu) with standard reed valve and a good phbl , c.60 crank it's the best choise for me. you need to change the gear ratio, ok course. lot of torque and a nice top speed (something like 125km/h with 23-64)

Hi Knoxville

Anyway you wanna share your Polini setup ?

I got a stock PX200E 1993 that i am going to buy a complete tunekit etc. to.

I dont know if I should go for the Malossi 210 or Poline 208 (worb5 210cc)

What Carb and jet etc.

Please advise me

Best Regards