tuning v50s

hello! i have a v50s with a 90cc pinasco cylinder and piston kit, and leo vinci exaust, reenforced clutch nothing else is tuned.

i have some power, but no speed 72km/h going down...

i feel the gear box too short!! what parts do i need to get just a litle bit more speed around 85/90 km/h???

art nº ???

if someone can help!

thanks in andvance

best regards

José Alves


you should use a primary gearing kit  24/72, like the art n° 15301000.

But consider that in order to mount it you'll have to disassembly the whole engine!



Hi Jose, 

i am also an owner of a V50S.

How is your tuning going on?


keep us updated,

cheers from Nice

restauration completed! i´ll try to post some pictures!!

best regards

José Alves

oporto / portugal

yeah let it see. i think i complete my restauration in decembre or january next year