Tuning problems

I have got a PX200E, I have tuned it with a malossi 210cc, a new head, SIP performance, I´ve ported it, a opened crank, short 4 gear and it does about 110 km/h on third gear, but on the 4 it´s still slow, about 90 km/h. I use 24/24 SI carb, should i try a bigger one? Maby the 26 mm from SIP?[:rolleyes:]

hi patrik,i have a 1980 p200e and have done exactly the same as you,and have the same problems.except for the exhaust that is . i have fit a 30mm phb carb and also put a polini gear kit in just b/fore easter.am still setting carb up but still think it is NOT going to work ,3rd gear is great but it falls flat in top, have been at this problem 12 mths no one seems to have answers.tom.

Hi Patrik,

What kind o fexhaust are you running? it sounds really peaky. I`ve tried a couple of chambers on my malossi engine, a right hand JL, and an RZ mark one, the JL will rev to about 95 km in second gear but has no torque so the engine has trouble pulling any great speeds in top gear. with the RZ, it will only rev to about 90 km in third gear, but pulls top gear really good, giving my bike a top speed of about 140 km in good conditions, and will easily cruise at 120. good luck.