Tuning PK 50 XL -89


I am wondering if some of you, can give me recomendation for tuning my -89 PK 50 XL.

Is the best for daily use to buy the "road kit" ? What will the top speed be with this?


Take care 

Hi, I find two road kits, the malossi 75cc and the polini 130cc, which one are you talking about? Anyway I don't like these kits very much, I prefer to choose personally the parts I want for my tuning setup. Particularly, the kits are provided with sito plus exhaust, whose performance is very bad... If you want I can give you advise if you tell me what is your goal as regards performance (max speed, acceleration) and your needs/preferences: eg. driving uphills or instead long, flat, roads; in the town or outside; if you carry a passenger; if you need a sito plus for keeping an original look and sound or instead you can use a less silent and more visible (wich gives you much better performance) exhaust; if you can renounce to the spare wheel (eg. if you use tubeless rims) or you want to keep it. Regards. Oscar

Good question, but you have to define what you want & how much money you would like to spend.

A good solution would be a Pinasco 102 Alu barrel + SHB 19.19 carb + + tuning crankshaft with longer inlet timing + shorter transmission and a "banana" type exhaust...
Here you can expect ca. 80 - 90 km/h according to your weight.
It's ok for the city and little cruises to your rich auntie who's living in the countryside.

A reliable solution in my view. And it all fits unter the cooling hat of the 50 ccm cylinder.

Take care, in every case of a really serious solution, there is no other way than removing your engine and change some parts inside... (I don't know if your'e aware of this, so sorry for mentioning)

For shure you can spend more money in barrels with the top power output... But do you really need it?
Driving too slow (stop and go traffic in the city, stopping at traffic lights allthe time) with a highly tuned engine only causes problems...