tuning option

How do fellas, I’ve got a chance of a cheap(ish) second hand new condition PM pipe for my T5 already kitted with a Mal 172 and Cosa fl2 clutch to suit, although currently hitting about 80mph(i’m a fat bastard) with a sito plus on I was wondering what the tuning exhaust would give me as I have not used one before and am hesitant to buy one just for looks. Would it be worth a try or am I pissing in the wind trying to propell 17st any faster than my poor old bike will take me.

Hello Michael
As i understand the pipe dosn`t do well for top speed but great for mid range power, yes pissing in the wind mate.
„Christ“ 17st you fat bastard.
Cheers Andy [[:O]]

The PM will give better acceleration and a good powerband, but get the carburation right…you’re more likely to hole a piston with a PM than with most other pipes…