Tuning GL 150

has anyone any tips for tuning and/or mods for a bog standard GL 150 ?.. without resorting to using a T5 engine, which is prob the best thing to do but not poss at the mo

i have to use the original engine no. to get the bike registered, any ideas about what i can do with the poxy 2 port barrel, clutch and gear mods, increase carb size, exhaust, ignition,etc.,
any info or advice will be great[:rolleyes:]

Cheers guys
So it seems like trying to tune the GL150 isnt worth it
My original plan was to register it using the original engine, then slipping in a T5 lump ive got hanging around in the shed, then when i found the oriinal engine needed a rebuild i thought it might be fun to tune and use it permanently, especially as the T5 engine needs a thorough overhaul + new crank, clutch, cylinder, etc.

It might be better to find an OK T5 or P2 engine to use and save the others for spares, and if your sure i dont need the original engine no. for registering !?

Know anyone selling one?
[?[] [?[] [?[]

Unfortunately not a lot. If you look through the archives I remember someone did manage to put a Polini kit on a 2-port engine by welding in a third port…don’t know how he got on though.

What country are you in? In the UK the engine number isn’t important.

I had read a bulletin about a conversion using PK forks, is this just a rumour?[:(]

It’s the Chassis no that youy need for the original MOT. They don’t even look at the engine number… in which case I would say your best tuning hope would lie with a P(X)200 engine, then the sky’s the limit… well, and the brakes [;)]

Cheers Dirk
Loooks like A P2 engine, electronic ignition, disc brake conversion and some decent shocks are all on the cards then[:roll:]

Found it! Sometihng about fork/brake conversions
Check out page 15,16,17, or one of the latest bulletins[;)]

thanks for your reply Dirk
i live in the UK, the GL i have isnt registered yet…i thought or i was told that id have to get it mot’d first using the original engine no.
maybe thats wrong and i should ask about the process of getting the bike registered!?[:rolleyes:]

Another thing with the GL is the archaic electrical system…really it’s not worth spending any money on…and yes they definetely aren’t concerned with the engine number, I’ve done about 5 of them now. The chassis number is important as that is how they can work out the year of manufacture and hence give you and age-related reg. Check http://www.scooterhelp.com/serial/ves.serial.numbers.html

to work it out for yourself but you will have to do it offically of course for the DVLA. Speak to one of the shops that does it all the time, they may be able to get it done in with a batch of them. In this case the DLVA often don’t even look at them.

Hey, what about the PK fork disc brake conversions that SIP are supposed to do for old vespas?
Wouldnt sort out the braking problems?
Does anyone know anything about them?