Tuning experts in London - HELP!

I ride a 2011 PX into which I've put one of the last 200 autolube engines. It's also now kitted with a Malossi 210 and a simple Sito plus. It runs beautifully but I want to get it tuned more - with a proper expansion pipe and possibly longer/cut crank, ported casings and potentially other mods.

My problem is I'm a hopeless mechanic - I mean totally without knowledge and crap with my hands - and I can't find anyone in London who's interested in giving me some advice about what would work and then doing the mechanics.

Everyone in the UK who's into this sort of thing seems to be in the north of England but does anyone know of someone in or close to London who's experienced and trustworthy? Grateful for any suggestions and, if you have them, contact details.

Hi, if you still need someone, give me a bell on 07950321404, my workshop's in Loughton, Epping Forest area. I've done a few Malossi 210's in various tune levels for the local club. Happy to do it for you or just give advice.


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