Tuning engine Px80 - little question

Hello Everybody I have littel problem with engine PX 80 Lusso I’m thinking about tuning but I don’t know what it’s good and what it’s better.

  1. kit DR 135
  2. cluth 22 tooth form PX 150 (because i have this parts in my garage)
  3. Carb orginal
  4. Crank orginal
  5. Exhaust Sito (normal)
  6. orginal gears
    and thats all

and next idea it’s:

  1. cylinder, piston, head from PX 125 (because i have free this pats in garage)
  2. Crank orginal form PX 125
  3. Cluth 22 tooth form PX 150
  4. Carb orginal
  5. Exhaust Sito (normal)
  6. orginal gears
    I don’t know what it’s good and what it’s better.
    [?[] [?[]

Dunno mate,I’ve never worked on an 80.

Presuming the cases will take the 125 crank I would take that route.If you do then I would forget the 22 tooth clutch as it’s likely to be geared to long.

Hopefully someone else can tell you for definate.

Your a lucky man.
Very nice.[;)]
To be honest you will have to change the primary gearing if you want to use the 125 crank etc.As I said I don’t know if it will fit so you may be better just going with your DR.

better off with a malossi,with not much of a price difference,with the 166 you may get away with a standard 125 crank think the 22 clutch is too long.i would stick with 21. throw a t5 24/24 g carb on it.should go like poo off a shovel

Thinking about this again I would presume the 80 run’s a smaller primary gear.Do you know how many teeth are on it?

Original von JuanK: Do you know how many teeth are on it?

Now I have clutch - 20 x primary - 68 it s orginal [:(]

Stubbsy I thinkig about carb si24/24 with malossi 166 but in poland all parts its very expensive because i must buy parts via internet shop in germany and i must think about two engine. This vespa px 80 is for my wife
http://www.vespaclub.org.pl/copper/albums/userpics/10004/120_2092.jpg My wife with your Vespas [:)]

My vespa is GL with engine from px125 lusso i thinking put on DR177 +carb si 24/24 + sito pluse this pars I bought in june when i was on EV 2005.
http://www.vespaclub.org.pl/copper/albums/ev_05/2_jumbo/DSC08621A.JPG its my vespa on the road to EV’05

My vespas I restored in my garage[:)]

In the Poland is 15 old vespas, PX [:(][:(][:(]
our club is very small because young people prefer riding on the plastic scooter [:(]

Thanks JuanK!
When i doing my 'tuning" engine i remember told you about effect