Tuning a px125 vespa

HI! i'm looking for advice/recommendations on combinations on tuning a 2002 px125 vespa. The scooter has been neglected by previous owner and i am about to strip her down and have her resprayed.

I have not tuned a vespa before just kept them maintained,changed a few bits and pieces.

What i would like to do is put a conversion kit on her with a different crank,carb and exhaust. this is where i need help with what goes best with what.

all advice welcome CHEERS

Hi ..

What have you decided to do after all these tips ?



Hi I will be going with one of your set ups just started to buy the things i need, i.e. 30mm DeLorto carb and cables. The barrel and piston will be next and so on till i have all the things together. Let you know how i get on cheers again.

There is another puzzle for you if you would ablige.

bought a LML Star Deluxe 125, I have put on a 24mm del carb, DR180 kit and a scorpion exhaust. In first second and third it flies to 55 then in fourth struggles. but the main problem at the moment is when it hits 60 the engine cuts out, any ideas why

All the best


I’m looking for any advise exactly like Mart 1. That I’d like to tune my current Vespa PX125E which was made in 2012 into a XP200E. The question is...Do I have to change a complete new 200cc engine or just some parts to my current 125cc engine? And if just change new spare parts then which one ? 

Please advise! 

Thank you ! 

Hi rudy !


I using the Mazzuccheli cranks and i am really pleased about the quality, especally when they are fine ballanced.

The Mazz. Crank works well with mi offered Setups because it has the correct ignition timing.



The T5 Pipe has the more Price, because basically it´s a race pipe !

You can see this in our online shop there are pictures of the "inner life".


This Pipe toward the Sito is from better Quality - like the Original Pipe, because the Material is really strong. I think it lifes 3 times longer than a Sito and its not so loudly and it increases a lot of more tourque in the low and the mid ref´s.


hope this was helpfull [8-|]




Hi Dude !


The question is how much you wan to spend and if you want a Racer or a Sport Touring


La Rocca´s Tunig Step 1: [:)]Sport Touring[:)]

SI 24 Carburetor

Mazzuchelli Race Crank

Racing Cylinder DR 177 ccm

With original or Sito Pipe

Clutch Gear Wheel with 22 Dents


La Rocca´s Tunig Step 2: [H]Mid Racing[H]

SI 24 Carburetor

Mazzuchelli Race Crank

Racing Cylinder Polini 177 ccm

With SIP T5 modified Pipe or Polini Pipe


La Rocca´s Tunig Step 3: [:@]Rocca Racing[:@]

28 Dellorto PHBH Carburetor

Mazzuchelli fine ballanced Long Stroke Race Crankshaft

Modified Racing Cylinder Polini 177 with Grand Sport Piston Ports Modified

Race Exhaust Sip Performance Item Code 210010

Reinfored Cosa Clutch with 23 Dents

PX 200 Primary Gear





[quote user="LaRocca"]

Hi Dude !


The question is how much you wan to spend and if you want a Racer or a Sport Touring


La Rocca´s Tunig Step 1: SmileSport TouringSmile

SI 24 Carburetor

Mazzuchelli Race Crank

Racing Cylinder DR 177 ccm

With original or Sito Pipe

Clutch Gear Wheel with 22 Dents




I have pretty much your suggested step 1 above: SIP DR177 Road kit + Mazzu race crank, also upgraded the clutch to surflex 5 disc and L springs.


A few quick questions:

- What main jet would you suggest with the set-up? Mostly driving coastal area, Sweden (Gothenburg), mostly city driving with some highway and on daily basis (work commute) between May-Sep.

- Is a stronger clutch case needed? I have the original Piaggio clutch case at the moment. I do have higher revs now, but still - it is a pretty moderate tuning, I guess.

- I've found the front susp to "dive" alot when breaking. Any suggestion on good road-approved suspension upgrade at a moderate price range (well balanced between comfort/sport and "classic" look).


Thanks! /J 

cheers rudy, more food for thought

hi there..i have malossi 166 with tsr exhaust and dellorto 28mm..i didnt make any port on the casing.just fit the cylinder.i try to set up the carburetor because i cant  make full throttle on the 1st and 2nd speed..any help please?for carburetor..i have av264 and main jet 110..i strt from 125 and now im with 110..now its beetr than befre

Hi LaRocca

I am a newbe. Why do you have a preferance for the Mazzuchelli Race Crank? Is it a good match with the Pinasco 177 Au kit. The Sip T5 looks very appealing, however at 2 1/2 times the cost of a sito plus, how much of realistic comparison differences will it make in your stage 2 configuration?  


Best regards

Hi Mart


  I am a newbe so I have little experence when it come to kits. However, I spent alot time researching, posting and making phone calls. I have a 2005 PX 150 with e-start and disk brake. Durning my research I learned alot and decided on the Pinasco 177Au. I chose this kit because of its reputable high quality, reliability and longevity for every day sport riding and touring. I am only interested in optimizing the mostly low-mid power range band for city traffic and steep hills. Also, I want a bit more on top end and to be able to cruise at 100km/hr with no issues in overheating. Full race setup is too narrowally focus for my objective and seems too much trouble to tweak it right; from what I read, race set up is unrealible and short live.


   From my postings, I have recieved many excellent and sound advice and suggestions, but there was also too many contradictions for me to make an educated decision base on solid facts. Also many recommendations were for street race setup. I concluded that I should contact Pinasco. I felt that it was best to stick with the Manufacture recommendations and follow the installation and modification in manual that came with the kit; since they designed the unit and have the engineering and technical knowledgable and experience to back it up there claim.


  My SET UP  


100% stock 2005 Vespa PX 150 Canadian Edition with e-start.

 -Pinasco 177 Aluminum cylinder kit for PX model.

 *Note: For PX with e-start, a .05mm-1.0mm grinding is required on the cylinder (not on the sealing face), and only where the cylinder is in contact with the starter gear; you won't find this info in the installation manual, I recieve a email from the Pinasco Staff

 -Sito plus exhaust.

 -SI 20/20 carb will be modified with the Atomizer BE3 - 160 and depending on altitude108-110-112 or 114 main jet as recommended by the Pinasco Staff.

 -timing change to 20 degrees

-Ater 500km breakin 2% mix as printed in instalation manual. I had Pinasco send me an email to comfirm it is correct, only if the modification is within the scope of the Pinasco upgrade recommendation 



in about a year from now, My second and final upgrade, I think?


-Match and balance cut crankshaft

-SI 24/24 oil injection

-SIP T5 pro exhaust



Matching and Balance is an Engineering Art, Best regards, rudy812.

thanks for your time. very useful.

I would just tell you to keep it as original as possible.