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So heres a question for everyone out there who cares…
any one know if there is a radio/sound system kit for vespas?[:dance2:] [:dance2:]

POSSIBLE! It is still possible to get 6v stereos, although the spec is fairly low. Try a classic VW Beetle workshop. Alternatively go to maplins pick up a full wave rectifyer and run to 2x 6v batteries, (motorcycle, i.e AR50) in parallel. You will want to add suppression and capacitor, ask a knowledgeable electrician/ maplin staff. Then run a full spec 12v car stereo from batteries in series. Dont expect to be able to run stereo with engine stationary. Alternatively, and would be my option, fit electronic, 12v stator and change over centre boss on the flywheel. Sip could do this for you but is an easy job, do it at home. good luck.

ya see this is where there is a problem… its a 1965 vbb 125… its main power source is the magneto… is there a battery kit witha charging system that wont make the motor go boom?

You’ll be very lucky to pick up the whole kit in one go, you could advertise for one in Scootering or on, as a matter of interest though a friend of mine has a system built into the side of his toolbox which takes away the hassle of having to fit a centre consol but I haven’y a clue how this was done, I should see him at Kempy’s this weekend and will ask him how and with what this was done.Keep posted.

modification and head ache work is not a worry of mine… if it works it works…
is there any way of doing this with a 6 volt system like this or am i dreaming and should I just settle with a boom box on the luggage rack?
there has to be some way of doing this…

There is a ‚Radio-Console‘ that fits on the frame exterior in the arch in front of the seat. It takes standard car stereos and you have to wire it in yourself and mount speakers (the usual place is cut into a toolbox door so you can hide the wiring, you could also mount a small bass boom box in there if you’re not fussy about carrying tools arround…). Youll need a battery model to run it.
Dunno if the console thing is still made…Beedspeed would be a good place to start

There is, but for 12 volt systems…so you’re pretty much snookered unless you have a PX engine in there (not a bad idea at all to get a 10inch wheel conversion and an electronic ignition in there). If you’re happy with your VBB motor then it’s gonna be tough if you don’t want to have to plug in a battery charger every day (there might be someone doing a conversion electronic stator somewhere, I know there is one for Sprint/Super models, based on a Baja stator).

As for fitting to a VBB well your options are probably

  1. Fit a tool box and load evertthing in there (requires a bit of ingenuity).

  2. Fit it all under the left side panel (bracket stereo regulator and battery )…it’d be a beetch to operate tho through the tool box door and where would you mount the speakers? a couple of icecream van ‚tannoys‘ on your mirror stems perhaps?