Tuned PX200 or T5 what is the best?


Tuned PX200 or T5 what is the best ??? The T5 seems to be a lot easier to tune…just bolt on the Malossi 172, add a good pipe and your Off…

PX200 seems harder, match the transfers and inlet, add the Malossi 210 and profile head, fit a T5 4rth gear add a good pipe.

Honest opinion…what is the best, are the top speeds and acceleration/Torque much the same?



Depending in your goal… I’m very satisfied with may T5 with Malossi. I know a bloke with P2 with Pinasco, longstroke, 5gear-set, standard exhaust and carb. Super for touring.

I like the 200 with longstroke, but the T5 is a work of art.
But as diablo said things are easier with T5. But don’t upgear it.

For me there isn’t a best as such,only what you prefer and suit’s your need’s most.

I personally prefer a T5 but it’s not for everyone.

As already stated by Diablo and Curare the T5 give’s far more with minimal work.

If you’ve read any of my previous threads you will know im a massive T5 fan. I own both a malossi T5 and a reedvalve 210 and I love them both but the T5 gives so much more for so much less. The tranfer area is already sufficient and the 172 kit is far superior for normal everyday use. The T5 crank is stronger as are the flywheel side bearings. If you want a bike that will do 70mph everywhere and 80mph down hill or with a tailwind get a T5