tune rally 180

Iv just purchased a rally 180 and was a little disapointed with the speed that i’m getting from it. Can anyone tell me if there is anyway of tuning it using the original engine.


you can put the carb from a 200 24mm. It is possible to rebore the cylinder to the maximum size using a 200 piston.

Otherwise modifications will have to be applied to fit kits…


thanks for the advice. i did see that it was possible with the SS180 to make it a 200. Would i need to do any modifications to the porting in the barrel,piston etc? [:smokin:]


MB developement have got a specific technics check their web site http://www.mbdevelopments.co.uk/index.html



Yeh i have had a look at MB website and he can do it with the SS barrel.

I sent him an email yesterday asking about kits and he told me that there was none that he new of. So i sent him another email today after i recived your reply saying i saw what he could do to the SS and was it possible to do the same to my rally barrel.

Still waiting for his reply.

Many thanks for the help and advice. [:smokin:] [:drink:]