Tune PK50xl automatica engine/Sito exhaust

Hello everybody,

I have bought a PK50XL Sito exhaust artno:24981000 . I was wandering if there's a ring in it which you can place/remove to decrease/increase enginepower?

I need this because I need my vespa aproved by the dutch government in order to make it road legal.
I believe I need to decrease the power of the engine because it may exceed the max speed of 45 km/h, after aproval I will ofcourse remove the made adjustments.[:O]

It concerns a PK50 xl plurimatic engine according to german standards with a 50cc aluminum cilinder.



this exhaust is not like the original one

it has nearly the same power like the original pipe


but bevor you by parts for your scoot to make it legal please check witch the gouverment what exactly do you have to do


there are several kinds to increase or degrease


basicly the original setup should be the best solution !