tune a sprint

I have just got a 1965 vespa 150 sprint
(my first old vespa)
can I tune it ?
can I bolt on a kit?
What about the electrical side?
Or do I have to bang a P2 in


By the way Beedspeed have got the DR177 kit(2 ports) For those who want to keep original engine numbers…

Just gone through the same thing meself. I called pretty much every decent dealer and tuner in the UK to be told if I could find the old style(2 port) dr kit then that would work fine, no-one had any. Bit of a chew on to find one.
Kegra said do some porting etc… but I guess it all depends on the state of the 65 engine, has it been recon or what?
I ended up puttin a T5 motor in and to be honest I’m well chuffed. More expensive but well worth it. Do that or P2.
You’ll have to do a 12v conversion, but get it done properly, theres a custom made loom you can get from Beedspeed or use 6v loom and change brake switch, light switches and fit a ducati regulator. I’ve a wiring diagram i can e-mail to you if needed.
Rear brake will have to be sorted, just change the brake lever to a p-range one, just fit it to the old spindle and bingo.
I’d advise fitting uprated or new shocks both ends. Put uprated SIP spring on front end and it’s sound.
There’s a few people use this site done the conversion so if you get stuck ask em. worth checkin out old postings if you’ve got the time.
Best of…
Hally. I love sprints me…

I think somebody in the UK supply DR kits for 2 transfer cylinders type of engine.

DR or Polini…

The only kit for the Sprint is DR-Racing parts 175cc kit.
It is made for the 3 transfer engine, but with a orig gasket for the 2 transfer engine, it will work fine… then you just use 2 og the three transfers. (not mutch loss i preformance)

You can but the DR kit here at sip or at some of the others stores fx. www.ricambi.dk osv.