Tubeless tire



Is it possible to ride a tubeless tire with a tube?

Im asking because i bought the continental twist and its a tubeless tire but im thinking in putting it a tube.

Is it possible/safe?



Hi dude


I dont know if it´s possible.

But I guess it makes no sense to mount a tube. The vantage of our tubeless rim is that you can ride without mounting a tube, in case that your tire leaks the tire comes down slowly.


Not like the classic tire/rim combination. If there´s a leak your tire comes down very quickly.


If you want to ride with a tube i recommend you to take the classic rim.



Hi dude


Ahhhh ... no i understand !

Thats no problems, you can use a tubless tire in combination with a classic rim and a tube.

I do this also.




I asked that becuase my rims aren´t tubeless and i bought tubeless tires without knowing. So my idea was to put a tube in the tubeless tires because my rims arent tubeless.

Do you think its a good idea?