Tubeless Spare?

Good news. Thanks.

hello all you "tubeless spare ?" posters out there,

i've got to tell you... i was in on this post/thread early and i unknowingly gave some half information. when i asked my friend about if a tubeless spare fit, he didn't mention he had the same issue as qathafi. (see his photos.) I AM TRUELY SORRY THAT I DIDN'T GO SEE IT FOR MYSELF BEFORE I GAVE OUT THAT INFORMATION. I FEAL HORRIBLE ABOUT IT.

has anyone else tried to contact SIP about this issue? i mentioned it in a email to them, but got no answer. (that seems to happen to me alot with SIP.) it really would be helpful (and good business.) for SIP to i put more info about thier products on the item page. not saying it won't fit in the spare cowl area, is kind of like saying it will fit - in my opinion anyways.

if anyone get a chance to try out some extension nuts for the spare wheel studs, i hope they'll let us know if it works.

once again, I'M REALLY SORRY  if i mislead anyone. i was trying to help, but it feels like i made things worse. heggie

Yes it's a bit of a difficult one this, especially as some S.I.P tubeless suppliers on ebay are selling these rims in threes which would make any buyer think that they would fit as a spare under the side panel. The only other solutions for you matt would be to carry a tubeless repair kit and hope the hole is small enough to be repaired, or to get a back rack fitted which allows you to carry a spare in it. Back racks aren't everybodies cup of tea though I know.

Don't beat yourself up Heggie!

The whole point of these forums is to promote discussion!

I am using SIP 2.50 x 10 rims with 3.50 x 10 Schwalbe Weathermans on two late model P200s. The spares cannot be securely fitted on either.

I will be putting them on two Mk1 P200s as well when I can afford! (One of these also has a sidecar attached so adds another chunk to the cost)

I definitely want to be able to carry a spare under the side panel on all of these so it is quite important to me to find a (cheap) solution