Trying to fit a new SIP tubeless alloy rim to spare wheel bracket on a Vespa PX

I had an issue the other day with the rear alloy coming loose and becoming damaged, so I stopped and changed to my steel spare wheel. That was when I found out I could not bolt the alloy SIP rim to the studs that my original spare wheel were bolted to as they are simply not long enough to go all the way through the rim allowing you to put the bolts that hold the spare back on.


Fortunately a friend who was passing took my alloy home, but is there a permanent solution to this that is easy to fit to the scooter?

Excellent, many thanks for this. Cylinder cowl spacer nuts from a P200 it is then! 

in the community section, search " sip tubless spare. " tubeless is spelled wrong, but that's what you need to search. that should give you some help. you can also search " Tubeless Spare ? " and that will give you some additional info. we in the community had some fun with that one about a year back.

good luck.