Trittblech V50/90/125/PV/ET3 ; Floor Board

Hello guys… my name is corrado and i am from Palermo city…
i was surfing the web because i had to fix my old vespa 50 L … one of the first model of small frame… the floor board of my vespa is totally rusty and it is better to change it totally then to trying fixing… …

i sow on SIP Schootershop that they sell it but i am seriously worry about the shape of this article… they tell me that the number of the right article for my model of vespa is the number PV1534
but seem to me that the shape that is shown there for this article look like the large frame vespa’s floor board and not for my model of vespa.
i am gonna get it soon and i wanna know your opinion before to do it…
i think that the right article should appear more like the article number PV1537 even if i think that , the rear part of it , from the crossbar untill the and of the floor board , where there are these kind of littel piramid of metal with in center a obliq hole , let seid it … , origginally look a littel more longer …

in italy it cost the double but it look better … get a look on this article in ebay…

have you never got any of this article ? let me know thanks corrado.

write me trought email if you want [email protected]

Danke shoon


I think the most people do not really understand your problem.
I- for example- never heard 50L.
If you have got your complete model No. (like V5A2T…) you will get the correct spare part.

there is noone who can speak english in here ? ?

I think both boards look nearly the same…
I once ordered a floor board but for px and i did worry too because i thought it would not fit. but there wasn’t any problem. perhaps you will have to cut something.

i dont know the 50 L either. can you post a pic of your scooter?

so we could compare your floor board to the one out of the shop.