Transplanting PX innards into an LML reed case - what bits fit?



I built a fab little motor off the back of a PX-125 autolube case - running a longstroke Worb5, Parmakit, HP flywheel, DRT carb, etc - the thing was great, went like a dog shot in the arse.  Anyway, long story, but I've managed to crack the case in multiple places and beyond economic repair, strip teeth of gears, etc.

I've now replaced the damaged bits & picked up a set of LML reed valve 5 port cases.  Can anyone share a shopping list on what I need to get to switch the bits into the LML case?  I'm looking at getting a LML reed valve block (unless there is a "bolt on" cost effective better one?), a reed valve stroked crank (any suggestions?) and a carb (PWK 24 maybe?).  Definitely need a new clutch :-(

Looking for midrange pull, rather than a rev monster, but hey, whatever works, right?  I understand I need a bush in the case to fit the PX layshaft - do SIP sell these?  Is everything else the same between PX and LML? bearings, gaskets, seals etc?  Anything I need to look out for?

Appreciate the knowledge of the forum, thanks in advance

seriously?  does no-one know shit about this?

You probably have the answer already. All you need that's different is the layshaft shaft - the shaft that goes through the christmas tree. The fly-side case end is much bigger than the px one.

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