TPH 175cc

I' ve buy an old TPH with 13" NRG wheels but without front face.....




I've also buy an 125 SKR (first type, with small clutch) engine casing.

on it, i've put a nuova mazzuchelli crankshaft (54mm crank), Vforce 3, kehin 30mm, hebo 28mm manifold I've put it on 50cc TPH support



I had bought some parts too






my TPH today




next coming soon...

You can read the original Deep Fork continued … Have already done a lot, but it is not good if you are using this roller then going on the road … The convert who then only for acceleration run …

Or a fork Malossi incorporate these wars so Steplessly down by

your project look the nuts so far mate keep up the good work

rear wheel isn't in 13"

I have made it with 10" SKR original center and lambretta 160/180SS chrome rings (3.5 inch wide). I have also return rings for having all bolts on same face (drag' style)

I have put brand new front TPH rim (10") with heidenau K61 (130/70/10), brembo calliper (from BW's) with galfer semi-metal brake shoes and galfer wave brake disc. I want put inox doppler brakeline but it is too short.....




I have put an airfilter and I have cut my kick box




with it new face




all old covers must be changes (I have some, other are in order), I wait new brake line (more longer). new pictures as soon is possible

Hello rimkben

Very nice project you have ... Find your parts very well, but why not other exhaust such as PM / JL or Malossi MHR?

I'm curious how he looks ready

My English is not very good

last pictures of my TPH !!!!

only one cover is missing (under)




I've put a movie in "scootamatic-vdeo" [;)]

thank you lukas !!

but it don't look like I want....[:(]

I need modify my fork or buy a new fork for lowering the front of TPH.......I'm thinking about this !

Nice job

Sure I understand it .... I'm anxious to see the new pictures


Dignity at the rear of the engine provides a 13-inch wheel NRG construction, looks more beautiful then


Gruß Lukas

Very Nice .... Good Work


Gruß Lukas

i luv the sounds of that exhaust!

nice work man

yes, you're right ! I think malossi fork is the better solution because on the video, with my rigid rear shock absorber, riding my TPH at more to 120km/h is very difficult on road so with harder fork it may be impossible !!

but  I' ve see a original fork for runner VXR.... I' m searching more informations for knowing possibilities with my TPH frame.

I'm modifying a BGM rear shock absorber (lowering) because cylinder cover touch my frame with his original dimension



thank you lukas !

I 've find this exhaust on "eb*y" and I bought it only 59€.......... JOLLY MOTO exhaust take it place in the future

I will put new pictures with new parts in the week

(my english isn't good too but I understand you. if you understand me, it's perfect !)