Touring setup//timing//carb

Fitted a 60mm crank to my px200. Used 1.5mm base gasket. Seemed to loose all power on hills though. Advanced timing to about 23 degrees and got a lot better. Does this seem about right?

I’m about to go touring on this setup, with my wife on board with all her gear. Running a sito-plus exhaust. I’ve got a t5 4th gear, shall I install it before touring?

Also tried running a Vortex carb from the US. gave the scoot better throttle responce, but just could not jet it right. Even with a 140 main jet the thing was still WAY too lean.

Anyone on this board had any experinece with these carbs? The yanks seem to think they’re great, but mines on the shelf until i can find a way to set it up right.

Perhaps I should get a 26mm T5 carb from SIP?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Thanks for the advice Curare. I’ll give the 1.5mm head gasket a try.

I may fit a Polini when I return from touring. would the 26mm SI carb suit that?

You may be able to help with another issue on electrics.

I’d like to remove my battery and starter motor to save on weight, but am worried that without the battery my rectifier may not be able to cope.?

Is there a safe way to run the scoot for long distances without a battery?


… the 26 won’t give you the low power to climb hill, you will have it back only with head gasket instead of base one, all the other thing you could do in your case to get back the climb capability of your scooter will be a wate of money… I promise you [H]


OK 26 with Polini. And head gasket. (If you still will be using longstroke)
But for touring and with longstroke I would also consider the Pinasco kit. Less power then Polini but very good kit for day or touring use, driving in two and with luggage.

When you will try the head gasket in your configuration you will loose High rpm power but you will gain torque. But for your use will be better.

If you are not experienced don’t take the bat out or modify the electrical scheme.
And anyway it is not that heavy.



If I understood it well you are using longstroke on standard barrel.
With 1,5mm base gasket you alter the port timing and it is correct what you have experienced: a loss on low rpm but more power on high. With this configuration I would use a short 4, if not in the highest gear you won’t catch the high rpm where the power develops.
But…if I were you and need to use my scooter for travel I will need more torque, so I will definetely use a 1,5mm head gasket instead of the base one.
If you are using 60mm stroke 23 it is too advanced, I would go to 21 - max 22.

As far as the Vortex carb… I don’t have experience so I can’t say anything.

Yes you could buy a 26, but if I were you with your configuration I will keep 24.