My piston on my malossi 210 has melted in the middle, it´s not yet a hole in it, but not far from. Could this be because i have not ported the intake hole just the ports to the cylinder?
I use a 26 mm carb and it has worked fine until now.[:’(]

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Patrik Grann

Check the timing too. It could be too far advanced causing the „pinking“ that Dylan mentioned…but I too would say that your main jet is too small.

The thing is, there has been no pinking and I use the 135 mainjet.
If i use a bigger mainjet the engine just bludders. The timing is ok to,I checked it just a couple of weeks ago.
Looks like I will have to split and check the hole engine again!


Patrik Grann

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I presume you mean that it has melted at the top. This is probably due to an incorrectly adjusted carb or too small a main jet. Check you spark plug colour.