Tool cowl assy on VLA1T

I am looking for a new/used tool cowl assy for a 1965 VLA1T and all the parts that would go with it. The scooter that I am redoing was missing the whole cowl for the non motor side. I have been finding out that a sprint cowl is very simmilar? can any one help me out? are there other parts that are the same from other models as the VLA1T? it seems very hard to find specific parts?

Hi John. No remade side panels (cowls) are available to buy. Although the brackets are in a similar place, the Sprint cowl is a totally different shape my friend. I recently purchased a set from a well known internet auction site, I paid £50 GBP for the pair. They were not to bad but took a lot of panel beating to get them in the desired condition for chroming. They do come up for sale from time to time, expect to pay anything up to £300 GBP for one in really nice condition. I do have another set, original to the scooter, but am unwilling to sell as they are so rare. Best of luck with your search, you could try a scooter shop in London, England called Retrospective scooters, he had a set last time I was in their. Regards Craig