Too many revs

Can anyone help me with a problem I’ve got with my T5 the revs are OK when it’s cold but when it’s warmed up after about 3 or 4 miles the revs go mental when in neutral or with the clutch in the revs die when the choke is pulled out. The scoot is fine if left for a while then started again. Could this be an air leek on the carb gasket that only expands when it is warm [:dance3:]

If its an oil seal it could be either one. If its the clutch side you normally burn gear oil, noticable by increased smoke and having to top the oil up regularly. The flyside oil seal is real easy to change, u just have to remove the flywheel, get the seal out with a screwdriver and push a new one in.

drain your engine oil and see if there is a strong smell of petrol to it

It does sound like an air leak, it may also be that one of the oil seals has gone.

thanks for the reply, funny thing is I’ve just had a good run round on it and had no probs at all. I also checked the carb and the carb box top and also the tick over and all looked ok so I screwed the carb top down good and tight and like I said no probs, if it was an oil seal do you know which one it would be Cheers[:drink:]