To many exhaust, wich best result powerband with 185/ 125 timing

need some help chosing an exhaust with 185,125 cilinder timing ( 60mm crank) to get the best result powerband/ RPM

my setup

Polini 177 (timing 185, 125/ 187cc)

60mm serie pro crank reedvalve

mmw head malossi

malossi reedvalve, 28mm Ramair

Lusso 200 gearbox, 4th short

Cosa3 clutch 23T

Vespatronic 1kg flywheel


Hi dude


I guess the best for your Setup would be a Sip NG pipe (item code 20013C)



Hi dude !


Basically the SIP and JL Pipes has the same effect.

I recommend you to type in the search field "jl px 125" to get all pipes that are designed by JL.




thanx LaRocca for the input

I was considering a JL RZ 25040000 because it feld like this exhaust was more suitable for my cilinder timing

can anyone give some more input about the difference of both exhaust's


Hi dude


I guess the NG is the better choice because it´s less noisy and has more tourque in the low mid and high refs.


The JL right Hand has more power in the mid and high refs.


Basically you can use both of them.




what is the SIP part number for the JL that is recommended for the Pinasco 177?