To Abarth or not to abarth


I'm currently trieing to fit an px125-bloc under my vna1t-wasp ('57). I'm thinking of mounting an abarth replica for the looks/sound. But wich one should i order ? the one for the 8 inch wheels or the one for the px 125 ?

Is there anybody with experience in this matter ? Does it give more power (not my main objective, but still good to know) ?


Greetz !


Hi I bought an Abarth exhaust for my VBB 125 from Scootrs,it looks great,sounds great but does impact on the speed.If you’re fitting a px125 engine you will probably have to fit 10" wheels and you might have a clearance problem.I hope this helps.

Actually the Abarth is an excellent exhaust but requires a good deal of attention to get it tuned right. This is not an upsize the main jet only type of exhaust. It requires tailoring the mixer as well to get the upper-midrange working correctly. I found this exhaust to be much better than stock and it looks sensational. Nobody seems to take the time to tune them properly and that is why they have a bad reputation of late. In their day they were raved about. Definitely not the type of exhaust for your average do-it-yourselfer, but once sorted, it’s a real treasure. Steph